This Restaurant In Japan Has ‘Rude’ Waiters, But The Diners Are Loving It

Japan is known worldwide for their culture of “omotenashi,” or Japanese hospitality. This exemplary level of hospitality is seen in home stays, retail, formal ceremonies, and dining. 

“That incredible sense of hospitality begins at every doorway,” said on the website of Japan’s tourism organization about “omotenashi.”

But, there is a restaurant in Japan’s Nagoya city that seems to divert from this culture of hospitality, and has servers who treat diners with rudeness. 

‘Do not eat slowly, go home ASAP’

At the Lazy House, you will come across waiters who literally throw the menu on your table – instead of handing it properly – toss your food while they are drinking something, make you finish your leftovers by spoon-feeding them to you, and give you a pack of tissue with the words “Do not eat slowly, go home ASAP” written on it, among many other unethical services. 

However, what’s surprising is that many people are willing to dine here. For them, it’s an experience. 

Booked a month in advance

The founder of the restaurant, Taiki Takahara, spoke with CBS News to share about the “love” of his customers for this “rudeness.”

“We are booked a month in advance. It’s a weird concept… customers keep coming back,” he told the news outlet. 

Yes, people are loving it. Reviews from those who have been here said that “everything is extremely well made and tasty.”

Takaraha added that, at the end of the day, it is all about making people laugh.

“As much as the theme of The Lazy House restaurant is ‘bad treatment,’ at the end of the day our aim is to make people laugh. As a consequence of this objective, we ended up creating something viral on the internet,” he said.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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