These Grinch-Inspired Christmas Pancakes By A Vlogger, Dad Are Winning Over The Internet

It’s been said that Christmas is all about the kids. So, for parents, it is about showering them with the most wonderful gifts. However, for some parents, like this dad and vlogger, it is about treating them to the tastiest Christmas pancakes made with love – and not just any pancake, but Grinch-inspired delights. 

Mason Smith, with the handle @thedadsocial on Instagram, who has two million followers on the platform as of press time, recently shared a video of him making those Grinch-inspired pancakes for his kids. 

If Santa Claus is a bit busy, you have other Christmas characters like the Grinch. Well, the Grinch is a Christmas character, but he’s actually opposed to Christmastime celebrations. 

He is a fictional character created by De. Seuss, a children’s book author and cartoonist. The character is best known as featured in the 1957 children’s book titled “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!”

In Smith’s viral video which has now garnered more than 260,000 reactions, he is seen placing bacon slices on a side of a heated skillet outside his home. Then, he is seen drawing an outline of the Grinch’s face and a Christmas tree using a spray bottle of pancake batter. 

He also uses colored batter to fill in the other parts of the drawing, such as green batter for the face, red and white for Santa’s hat, yellow for the eyes, and more – to really make the pancakes look like the Grinch. 

While the pancakes were cooking, he also prepared other breakfast items for the kids. 

“Personally, I was always a little scared of the Grinch when I was a kid, but my girls absolutely love it! What’s your opinion on the Grinch? (emoji)  #christmas #pancakes #grinch #breakfast #pancakeart” Smith captioned his Instagram video, using Mariah Carey’s iconic “All I Want for Christmas Is You” as the video’s background song. 

His Instagram bio says he hopes his Instagram page inspires people with ideas they can do with their loved ones. 

What a thoughtful dad.

Watch that video below.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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