TikTok Teaches The Right Ways To Wrap Your Christmas Presents

While you may always give a Christmas gift to your loved one without wrapping it, wrapping gifts reflects the value of the recipient and the thoughtfulness of the giver. 

According to Trail Times, gift wrapping is so symbolic as it fosters a sense of surprise and wonder especially when the recipients eagerly unwrap the present, anticipating what could be inside. 

Hunting for the gift is as challenging as finding the right wrap for it. It is also true that gift wrapping is a talent in itself. So, here’s TikTok coming to the rescue to teach us the right ways to wrap certain Christmas presents. 

Wrapping with a bow handle

According to TikTok, wrapping small boxed goods is a favorite, but the most difficult part is the bow fixture where the TikTok makes a double-loop fastening. Watch the video below.


Let me know if you would like this slower, I found this really tricky to film xx #giftwrapping #wrappinggifts #wrapping

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Wrapping a cuddly toy

Isn’t it just heart-melting to watch kids unwrap their presents? If you are giving toys to your recipient, take it from this video on the proper way to wrap them.

Wrapping with pleats

If you are not a talented wrapper, it is highly recommended that you watch this video below and follow what it says by heart. The TikTok says this wrapping style only “works with a square-shaped box,” which means you might need to find this kind of box for your gift.


What do you think of this technique? I hope this longer tutorial with all my tips and tricks helps you try it out! #giftwrapping

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Wrapping a candle

Candles are great gifts, and there is also a proper way to wrap them. Watch this video from a TikToker to make candle gifts so much presentable.

Wrapping a frying pan

If you decide to give a frying pan as a gift, you may start to lose hope if you want to suggest an element of surprise. But not at all according to TikTok. This video shows you how to wrap a frying pan without making it look like it’s a frying pan inside.

Let’s ace that gift wrapping. Merry Christmas!

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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