Sandwiches Filled With Fresh Fruits Instead Of Spreads – Learn How To Make Them!

We’ve been used to sandwiches filled with cheese, egg, or tuna spreads, but have you ever tried a sandwich that uses fresh fruits like strawberries and kiwis as fillings? They’re real! And here’s how to make them.

The Facebook page of FOODbible recently shared a video of the recipe for these types of sandwiches. 

“I have got to try these dessert sandwiches,” FOODbible said in the caption. 

Some netizens like it, while others, not so much.

“Yum, looks delicious,” Facebook netizen Liz Ellingham commented. 

Lesley Pitt, meanwhile, said it is a “weird combination.”

Here’s how to make these dessert sandwiches. 

Start by washing, peeling, and drying the fruits. Then, to make the chilled whipped cream, combine two cups of heavy cream and about two tablespoons of sugar, as you whip them. 

To assemble the fruit sandwich, you need some Japanese milk bread slices. Spread whipped cream on one side, and add the fruits. Then, fill the gaps with whipped cream before spreading a thin layer of whipped cream on the other side.

Press the sandwich gently before wrapping it tightly with a plastic wrap and mark where you will cut it. Refrigerate for at least an hour. 

Afterward, remove the bread’s crust then cut the bread in half. You’re done!

These fruit sandwiches are actually very famous in Japan, where they are called fruit sandos. They are usually bought from Japanese fruit parlors, food halls of department stores, and convenience stores. 


Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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