KSI, Logan Paul Now Guinness World Records Holders For The Largest Piñata Shaped Like A Prime Bottle

In Mexico, piñatas are a Christmas essential and tradition. A piñata is a decorated figure of an animal or any shape with toys and candies inside. It is suspended from a height and broken open by blindfolded participants, usually children, as part of parties and celebrations. 

But what if you are given a giant piñata to break? And not just gigantic, but also shaped like the famous Prime drink?

Well, YouTuber stars KSI and Logan Paul are now Guinness World Records holders for creating the largest piñata in the world shaped like a giant Prime bottle. 

They did this in celebration of the launching of their beverage brand in Mexico where they also launched a special, limited-edition Piña Colada flavor. The Prime-shaped piñata costs $1 million.

On Thursday, the duo gathered a giant crowd of fans who witnessed the unveiling of the massive piñata following the shape of a Blue Raspberry Prime bottle. 

“The duo of @KSI and @LoganPaul were in attendance for the unveiling of the largest pinata, a GIANT @PrimeHydrate bottle (emoji),” the Guinness World Records tweeted. See the tweet below.

This Prime piñata stands 110.4 feet tall and 35 feet wide, and was fiddle with inflatable balls and Prime bottles worth $60,000. 

The two broke the previous record of the world’s largest piñata, which was from the brand CORN NUTS earlier this year, taking the shape of an elote. 

Prime is a brand started by Logan Paul and KSI which is quite interesting as the two were formerly in conflict, until they collaborated for the drink brand in early 2022.

Since then, the duo has launched a slew of flavors, created a line of Prime Energy drinks, and had Prime become the official drink of the UFC.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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