Redditor Shares Images Of How Winemakers In Burgundy Use Fires To Protect Grape Harvest From Spring Frost

A Redditor who goes by the name u/rand0m_g1rl on the platform recently shared amazing photos of how winemakers in Burgundy winemakers use fires to protect their grape harvests from spring frost. Other Redditors are saying this could be a reason why good wine is expensive. 

Using small fires to protect grape harvests from frost

The Reddit post contains a set of photos showing the small fires used to protect grape harvests from the disadvantages of spring frosts. The post has already been upvoted around 4,700 times as of press time. 

Burgundy is a historical territory, and the former administrative region and province of France’s east-central portion. 

The place is also one of the country’s major wine-producing locations. It is renowned for both its red and wine whites, made mostly from Pinot noir and Chardonnay grapes, respectively. 

However, sometimes, the onset of spring frost can pose risks to grape harvests. Frosts prior to harvesting will invariably cause death of leaves, and can lead to premature leaf fall. 

Being a top wine-producing site, Burgundy does not want to allow this to happen. So, to protect these vines, winemakers are using the traditional method of lighting small fires among the vineyards. Such fires can help raise the temperature just sufficient to prevent frost from forming on the vines and damaging the delicate buds. 

Redditor u/rand0m_g1rl is sharing that moment.


Many other Redditors are commenting on how interesting the post is. Quigleythegreat said this could be one of the reasons why good wine is expensive.

Some others are sharing how this same thing is done in their locations.

“They do this in Florida too! They have round bottomed, tall necked oil stoves. They call it, ‘Firing up the groves.’,” commented Eponarose. 

Albeit traditional, some are not quite sure if that method works. 

“I’ve tried wine in Oregon from the year of the huge forest fires in the Gorge and I could actually taste a bit of smokiness, especially when compared to the same wine of a different year,” commented crazycatlady_85.

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Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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