Expert Issues Warning Vs. Dangerous ‘Vapemas’ Christmas Trend

Conventionally, for most people, Christmastime is all about giving each other gifts, putting up a Christmas tree, and gathering together family members, among others. 

But, some TikTokers do not want those traditional baubles, and opt for a more unconventional trend instead. 

Perhaps you have come across with the infamous “vapemas” Christmas trend. Well, an expert has recently issued a warning against this, saying doing so can lead to a fire outbreak. Here’s the story.


Vaping is a well-loved activity for some, so maybe they’d want to enjoy Christmas with this, too. 

The vapemas Christmas trend on social media has people sharing clips of adorning their Christmas trees with empty disposable vapes. 

Now a Christmas tree with disposable vapes hanging, instead of Christmas balls, might not be to everyone’s taste, but still, it has become a trend. Some people say they “love it,” that it is “actually kinda beautiful,” and that it is a “masterpiece.” To each his own. 


However, an expert has warned that following this trend can post some serious dangers. 

Stuart Stevenson from Vapour Depot, an online vape shop, has recently urged people – not to take caution – but to give this a miss.  

“While these videos show unique ways to reuse disposable devices, they fail to address the potential fire hazard,” Stevenson said. 

He added that these disposable vapes contain lithium-ion batteries. Any compromise to such batteries could lead to “a significant fire risk.” 

“The flammable nature of the materials used in vaping disposables, combined with the dryness of Christmas trees, creates an environment conducive to rapid fire spread. Adopting this hack could accelerate the spread of a fire in your home, posing a danger to everyone inside,” he further said.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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