WATCH: This Nifty Gadget Can Make Your Ice Cream Look Like Spaghetti!

Now, let’s go to some fun news. Do you love spaghetti, and do you love ice cream, too? You can have the best of both worlds in one plate as this nifty gadget is making your ice cream look like spaghetti.

Spaghetti ice cream

Video creator FOODbible shared a piece of content on Facebook which showed how this eatery is serving ice cream that looks like spaghetti using a really genius gadget. 

Instead of just a mound of scoop, the ice cream is shaped like pasta strands!

The gadget used to turn the ice cream into “spaghetti” sure adds a whole new level of fun to the sweet treat, perfect for both kids and kids at heart who want to add some magic to their favorite dessert.

The ice cream is first scooped into the gadget. Squeezing its handles together, the gadget is able to create “pasta strands.”

Then, they top it with some chocolate syrup as the “meat sauce,” and grated white chocolate just like how cheese goes on real spaghettis. The “pasta” is ready to eat!

FOODbible reposted the video from Atipi Gelato, which appears to be an eatery that mainly serves ice cream. 

On Atipi Gelato’s Instagram page, you can find more videos on their spaghetti ice cream in various flavors. They have Banana and Pistachio, Hazelnut and Banana, and so much more. 

What netizens are saying

Netizens on Facebook are quite appalled by what they just saw.

Jackie Watkins shared how they had this dessert in Germany where the restaurant put strawberry sauce instead of chocolate sauce, so it would look like tomato Bolognese sauce. 

Meanwhile, others said the gadget is just simply a potato masher, so it is easy to make at home.

Another netizen, Roland Scott Tausch, was a bit pessimistic, commenting, “Why would I want my ice cream to look like spaghetti?”

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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