Young And Graying: Woman Proud Of Her Gray Hair In Her 30s

Gray hair is usually only for the oldies, right? Well, not for this woman. She is just 39 years old but has already embraced the beauty of this hair color.


Randi Honeycutt, who is also a TikToker based in Florida, is one of the victims of premature graying. According to WebMD, while scientists do not know yet exactly why some people tend to grow gray hair earlier than others, genetics plays a huge role. Also, premature graying can also be caused by vitamin B12 deficiency or problems with the person’s pituitary or thyroid glands.

This TikToker told the media she previously dyed her hair gray for almost 20 years after she began noticing gray hair appear at just 17 years old. 

“I was absolutely embarrassed and mortified,” she said. “There was nobody else my age that I knew that had any gray.”

She also said that gray hair at such an early age made her feel “abnormal.”

“The world convinced me that gray hair was awful and the only route was to dye it,” she added.

Honeycutt’s journey with her hair is quite a story. By her 20s, she was already dying regularly, and would see new roots grow in every two to three weeks.

Just let the gray hair grow out

However, after almost two decades of dying her hair, she hit a turning point at age 36 when she did not have enough funds for this hair care routine, especially that she sold her house and decided to become a full-time traveler for a year.

Thus, she just ultimately decided to let her gray hair grow out. 

Support from the community

Sure, this is something unusual, but thanks to the support from the community of women online going through a similar condition, she gained confidence, and even had the courage to shere her journey to others. 

Honeycutt said it “felt really empowering to see them all thriving, and feeling free from hair dye, and just feeling like they can fully embrace themselves.”

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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