‘New Fear Unlocked’: Terrifying TikTok Video Shows What Happens When A Plane Stalls

Travelers are saying they got a “new fear unlocked” after they saw a TikTok clip recently making rounds online, showing what happens when a plane stalls. 

The pilots kept their cool

You are familiar with cars stalling, and it isn’t as fearful as when a plane does. All you have to do is just enable the hazards, go back to neutral, and start again. 

A video is shared by TikToker @everything_planes a day ago showing what exactly happens in the cockpit when the crew hears that deafening warning alarm and realizes that the aircraft’s nose is dipping down drastically. 

Watch the TikTok video below.


In the video taken in the plane’s cockpit, you can see a man calmly flying the plane as his co-pilot, seated behind him, offered some words of wisdom. 

Then, you can hear the words “stall, stall” voiced out from the tech system while an alarm rang out midway. 

There was also a thunderous sound just like that of a car crashing. 

Interestingly, the pilots in the video kept their cool. 

‘New fear unlocked’

However, those who saw the video couldn’t help but to be terrified. 

One netizen said, “New fear unlocked. Thanks,” while another commented, “I know for a fact I would start ugly crying if that happened.”

“I’m going on a plane on Friday, don’t do this to me! I’m already scared,” said the other. 

What do you think of this clip? Does it make you afraid to fly, too? Share us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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