YouTuber Logan Paul Earns Praises From Former WWE United States Champion Randy Orton

The greatness of Logan Paul, who is the reigning WWE United States Champion, in the wrestling ring continues as the YouTuber has recently earned praises from Randy Orton who himself is a former WWE Champion.

Orton guests in Paul’s podcast

Orton was the guest in Paul’s podcast “Impaulsive” during its episode two days ago. The wrestler, who has the third most world championship reigns in history, gave his impression on the influencer’s wrestling abilities. 

“You’re doing some crazy stuff out there,” Orton told Paul. “I gotta point out the little things that you’re doing, at this point already.”

Saving Rey Mysterio

Orton also described a moment that caught his eye which happened during Paul’s match against Rey Mysterio as the two battled it out for the coveted WWE United States Championship. 

There was a moment when Paul saved Mysterio from falling onto his head from a mistimed move, something that many would only expect to see from a wrestling veteran. 

“You saved the spot,” Orton recalled the moment. “The way you go down on your hips — the hip mobility and the strength — and the way you got up with him… The predicament you were in, and the way you got out of it, was amazing. A lot of guys wouldn’t have been there for that.”

First moments in the industry

Orton also opened up about Paul’s first moments in the business. The former admitted that he knew the latter’s name but he did not know so much about the YouTuber before meeting him.

Now, both Orton and Paul are WWE United States Champions, only in different years.

Orton bagged his first United States Championship in 2018. This is a landmark moment for him as he then became the 18th overall Grand Slam Champion after already having been WWE’s 17th Triple Crown Champion.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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