This Time, Raphael Gomes Taste-Tests TikTok-Viral 1-Ingredient Only Recipes

YouTube vlogger Raphael Gomes yesterday released a new video on the platform wherein he taste-tested various TikTok-viral one-ingredient only recipes. 

One-ingredient recipes are usually made by those who hate all the cutting, chopping, and assembling ingredients, but still want to eat something great. 

Recently, because of their uniqueness and simplicity, they have earned the favor of netizens and gone viral on social media platforms like TikTok. 

And Gomes is here to taste-test some of these TikTok-viral one-ingredient recipes.

Some of the recipes he tried were the one-ingredient maple butter, one-ingredient noodles, and one-ingredient chocolate mousse. 

He also made and ate the one-ingredient cream cheese, one-ingredient gummies (yes, for real), one-ingredient omelet, one-ingredient Oreo, and more. 

You can watch the full video below. 

As usual, the netizens loved his content again.

“As usual, only Raphael can make me sit through a full hour video without skipping a single second. You are truly amazing, your videos make my days,” commented @KyleInTrouble.

@elizabethrose7752 also said they enjoyed his video so much, but with a message about Gomes messing up the recipes. Giggles.

“When you mess up recipes, it just makes me laugh so much. It’s really cute. I’m pretty sure you mess them up on purpose, but it really makes me giggle every time. You are a delight to watch,” they posted. 

Gomes is a Portuguese vlogger who presently lives in Miami. With over two million subscribers on YouTube, he creates content such as music parody, cooking, and challenges.

Some of his videos feature him eating at TikTok-hyped restaurants in Miami for a day, shopping at American and European grocery stores, and trying the “Barbie” movie special edition foods for a day, among many others.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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