Professional Mermaid In Shopping Mall Aquarium Runs Out Of Air

Sure, those professional “mermaids” swimming underwater in aquariums installed in several tourist destinations worldwide can be quite a sight to behold. 

But they, too, may struggle, such as this instance when they might struggle for air. 

A gripping video was recently shared on Facebook by Daily Mail Video showing how a professional mermaid swimming underwater in a tourist aquarium struggled for air and tried her best to escape. 

But since these professional mermaids could not carry with them oxygen tanks as they have to look “beautiful and real” for the spectators, this makes their situation even more challenging.

In the video, it can be seen that the professional mermaid was swimming in the aquarium, even waving her hands and sending airborne kisses to those watching her. 

But, her aquarium performance took a harrowing twist when she was captured on video running out of air as she was diving to the surface. 

A frantic struggle for air ensued. If she hadn’t managed to escape, it would have ended badly for her.

The professional mermaid acted swiftly and managed to release herself from the mermaid tail, using her feet instead as she made her way to the surface. 

“I think she ran out of air,” an audience member was heard saying in the video. 

Facebook netizen Thofan Meninao commented on Daily Mail Video’s post, “I lost my breath only to see what happened to her. Glad she made it well.”

Oh, we hope she is well after that struggle. 

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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