Dixie D’Amelio, Trevor Zegras Have Allegedly Split! The Reason: Cheating

Social media star Dixie D’Amelio and pro hockey player Trevor Zegras are adding to the list of couples who are breaking up lately. The two have split, at least according to reports from various sources.

This was not D’Amelio’s first breakup. Up until last year, she was in a relationship with fellow Internet star Noah Beck. They exclusively dated around two years before calling it off in late 2022.  

In July 2023, she was “dating” Zegras after sources spotted them together at several events. 

In August 2023, D’Amelio and Zegras were photographed together. Also, eagle-eyed followers were quick to notice that the athlete was mutuals with her sister Charli and best friend Kate. 

But this romance is not really strong, after all. Early this month, tea was spilled by sources who said that D’Amelio and Zegras have broken up, allegedly. 

The reason: cheating. 

“#swipe : For those of you who still had hopes for NHL star #trevorzegras and #dixiedamelio looks like all hopes are lost as #deuxmoi reported on their stories that Trevor and Dixie are not only broken up, but Trevor has been cheating on Dixie!” @teatoktalk said on Instagram. 

As of press time, sources say that D’Amelio is not following Zegras on Instagram anymore, which we could not confirm as Zegras’ settings on the people following him are set so only him can see all his followers. But, it is confirmed that he is still following the social media star. 

However, some fans are still hopeful that the rumor isn’t true.

@_aaliyahops posted, “deuxmoi is the last place y’all should believe (emoji)”

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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