Netizens Notice How This Husky Barks With An Italian Accent

A husky is going viral on TikTok after netizens notice that he’s got an Italian accent. Just like his owner!

Italian accent

If you believe that dogs will eventually look like their owners, you might also want to believe that dogs can speak like their owners, too. 

Aaron, a husky, has been entertaining netizens because of his Italian accent that seems to adopt that of his owner. 

Interestingly, they are saying the same thing. One netizen commented, “”WHY DOES THE HUSKY SOUND ITALIAN ALSO LMAO”

Videos of the dog are shared on his “official TikTok account,” @aaronthehusky_. Below is the recent video from the account. 


Quanta logopedia😂 da guardare fino alla fine. “Waglió” che in italiano significa “ragazzo”.

♬ suono originale – Antonia

Another commented, “The husky even sounds Italian as well.”

Some are even going far beyond by saying that Aaron could even speak better Italian than his owners!

“I’ve never heard Husky whines with an accent. It’s so cute!” commented another netizen.

His videos have been viewed millions of times. 

Proven by science

But, can animals really have accents? Actually, there is a scientific study that says they do. 

Canine Behaviour Center, which is based in England, discovered that dogs tend to have regional accents like their owners since their owner’s speech influences the way a dog vocalizes. Go and review your college linguistics class.

They did a study back in 2000 wherein they recorded sounds of dogs barking and growling. 

The sound samples they got were then compared and analyzed, leading to their discovery that these cute pets mimic the tone and pitch of their owners.

Wow, that’s quite amazing! Impressionante!

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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