Man Stopped By Airport Personnel To Open His Briefcase Containing A Christmas Gift His Grandma Told Him Not To Open

A man was stopped by airport security officers to open his briefcase so they can check what’s inside. But here’s the catch. His grandmother told him not to open it until he reaches his destination as it was a surprise Christmas gift. 

The man, an actor named Brett Gaffney, took to TikTok to share about the trouble he got himself into.

He captioned the video, “Airport Security said this is the second one they have seen today! #brettgaffneyforever #holidaytravel”

On the video, he also wrote, quipping, “[Grandma’s] trying to get me arrested.”


Airport Security said this is the second one they have seen today! #brettgaffneyforever #holidaytravel

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‘Don’t open it until you get to California’

Gaffney told his viewers on TikTok how he got stopped at the airport to open the briefcase containing the gift but he couldn’t immediately do it because his grandmother gave it to him as an early Christmas gift, telling him not to open it until he gets to California.

But before that drama at the airport, he said he asked his grandma, “What is in the briefcase? It’s super heavy.”

“Just wait ’til you get there,” his grandmother told him.

“I was like, ‘Grandma, I’m going to the airport, like I need to know,’” he recalled telling her.

Security protocol

But since he was at the airport, it is just normal for the airport’s security personnel to ask certain baggages, like the briefcase, to be opened. 

“They (security) asked me what was inside, and I said, ‘I don’t know, I don’t know,’” Gaffney said. “They said, ‘What do you mean? You’re bringing a briefcase, and you don’t know what’s inside?’”

Eventually, after going through the X-ray conveyor belt, the security personnel opened it and told Gaffney that it was a vintage typewriter inside.

Surprise spoiled. He knew about the Christmas present earlier than when his grandma wanted him to know about it. But, he couldn’t believe he was receiving a vintage typewriter. 

Playing with the gift

That video shared late last month has gone viral, so Gaffney decided to update his viewers about him using the typewriter.

In another video posted, he compared the typewriter to the new toys that inspired him to play hooky when he was a child. 

A week ago, he posted a new video of himself happily typing, writing in the caption, “I [didn’t] think I’d use this, but here we are. [It’s] so calming.”


I didnt think Id use this, but here we are. Its so calming. 🥲 #brettgaffneyforever #xyzba

♬ original sound – brett.gaffney
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