Canadian Streamer xQc Is Willing To Pay Rockstar Games This Hefty Price Just So He Can Play ‘GTA 6’ Earlier

Canadian streamer xQc is just like everybody else dying to get their hands on the highly-anticipated “Grand Theft Auto VI” game earlier from its target release date. 

And we can’t blame him. After the controversial first official trailer was revealed a few days ago, earlier than the announced date because of the leaks, its developer, Rockstar Games, also announced that “GTA 6” won’t hit your consoles or PC screens until 2025.

That’s a long wait. So, xQc said he is willing to pay Rockstar Games $1 million just so he can play the game earlier than others can. 

During a recent broadcast, xQc was asked about the game and said he would use some of his $100 million contract with Kick so he can get to play it earlier.

During a recent broadcast, xQc was asked about GTA 6 and announced that he’d use some of his $100M Kick contract if it meant he could obtain the most anticipated game of all time.

“Bro, I’d probably pay like a mil to get it a day early,” he said. “I’d give a mil. Boom. Straight up. [Buy that.]”

Interestingly enough, xQc is not the only popular streamer who offered a huge amount of money for the chance to play “GTA 6” ahead of time.

Last month, Kick star Adin Ross dropped he is willing to pay $500,000 to play the game.

If only those offers would come true, where would Rockstar Games use the money?

Rockstar Games is releasing “GTA 6” 10 years after it unveiled the previous installment. 

Watch xQc’s reaction to the “GTA 6” first official trailer here

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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