This Escalator Across A Mountain In China Lets You Hike Without Getting Tired

According to Cleveland Clinic, a popular medical center, some of the health benefits of hiking include boosting the hiker’s mood, improving their sleep, and reducing the risk of heart disease. 

You’ll get those benefits if you commit to the hike fully. But let’s admit it. Hiking is not an easy task. Many of those who try this activity give up midway. 

But what if you can ride an escalator toward the top of the mountain? It’s not going to give you the full benefits of hiking, yet it will let you enjoy the views along the way and the gift of the summit. 

Wait, an escalator toward the mountain summit? Yes, you read that right. 

Escalator for hiking

A mountain in China has been kitted out with an enormous escalator that is just as steep as the climb. This video recently shared by LADbible on Facebook shows all the action.

Basically, using this escalator, you can hike to the top without breaking a sweat. 

“This is my kind of hike (emojis),” said LADbible in the caption. 

This stupendous moving stairway travels more than 1,000 feet up the Tianyu Mountain in Zheijiang province in China. 

The escalator is built at a whopping $2.2 million. Costing $6.50 to use, it reduces the time hiking the summit from 50 minutes to just 10 minutes. Really perfect for “lazy hikers.”

“The original purpose for us to build this elevator is to solve the traffic problem in climbing the mountain,” said a worker for the city tourism development company, surnamed Xu. “In the beginning, we considered building a cableway. However, given cableway’s limited transportation capability and high security risk, escalator is relatively safer and has a high transportation capability, which can satiety the needs of the scenic area.”

Accessibility for those with less mobility

Aside from those features, this escalator across Tianyu Mountain also sprays mist to keep the hikers cool.

Not just that, but it is also inclusive toward those who suffer from less mobility, but still want to enjoy hiking, as it provides accessibility for them so they can still enjoy the views from the summit. 

“This is brilliant for those who have difficulty physically, but still allows them to join in on the experience. I love this!” commented Facebook netizen Lifewith Theskyes.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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