Nighttime Forever? This City In Alaska Won’t See Daylight Until The 4th Week Of January 2024

When you find yourself in Utqiaġvik, a city in Alaska, these days, you should get yourself used to waking up “without the sun in the sky.”

For the last time this year in late November, the sun set here on the northernmost town in the United States as the Arctic Circle began experiencing “polar nights.”

Thus, Utqiaġvik will never experience a sunrise until January 23rd, 2024. 

Not for too long. The amount of daylight in the city will then steadily grow through the spring season next year, reaching the point of “midnight sun” in summer. 

During that time, the city will experience the complete opposite of winter. If its people won’t see the sun during winter, there will be 24 hours of sunlight a day as the year progresses further. 

Polar nights are a yearly phenomenon when the sun remains below the horizon to the Earth’s tilt.

However, it is not really completely nighttime. Utqiaġvik sits within the Arctic Circle, so its people will only see a tiny glimmer of light every dawn, known as “civil twilight.” But, the sun itself shall remain below the horizon for the next two months. 

Not only that, but the temperature is also freezing there at this moment. 

“They are not going to see the sun in all its glory until late January, so that is more than two months,” The Weather Channel said. “[But], there’s not going to be complete darkness. There are a few hours each day with enough light to see, but the folks who live here have technically seen their last sunset [of the year].”

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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