IShowSpeed Wants Manny Pacquiao To Train Him Before His Match With KSI

After a very informal call out by IShowSpeed to KSI for them to spar in the ring, the British YouTube star accepted his challenge – but on the condition that the match will happen at the exact same time Jake Paul returns to the ring – the match is all-set this December 16th, precisely the same time Paul battles his opponent Andre August in Orlando, Florida. Airtime competition? That’s brave. 

So, IShowSpeed is set to start training. But here’s the twist. He wants to be trained by none other than Manny Pacquiao, hailed as one of the best boxers of all time worldwide. 

In IShowSpeed’s live stream last week, he explained he will get some training before he touches gloves with KSI (of course), and said Pacquiao could help him with the training. 

“The best boxer of all time follows me bro. I’m about to text him, a matter-of-fact chat, I’m about to text him,” said IShowSpeed. “I’m about to text him, right now, because, why not? The best boxer of all time. I’m about to ask him for training.”

He claims Pacquiao follows him on Instagram, which could not be confirmed as the search bar isn’t available on IShowSpeed’s Instagram account, as only him can see his followers. 

Pacquiao holds the record of winning the most boxing titles in more weight classes than any other boxer in history. 

Considering that Pacquiao is not only a boxer, but also a businessman and does regular dealings with the politics in his country, he is a busy guy. Will he grant IShowSpeed’s request?

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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