Fatally Yours Is The Newest Collection Of True Crime, Makeup Content Creator Bailey Sarian With Melt Cosmetics

Bailey Sarian, a content creator and influencer known for her “Murder, Mystery and Makeup” and Dark History series on YouTube, has collaborated with Melt Cosmetics to launch a new cosmetics collection.

The collection, referred to as Fatally Yours, features an eyeshadow palette, gel eyeliners, glitter eye gels, lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, and a heart-shaped bag. 

Since Fatally Yours’ launch on December 4th, interested buyers can now shop the catalog. 

Sarian is a 35-year-old influencer who combines true crime and makeup tutorials in her content, creating pieces that are unique, so they are well-loved by the audience. She first began with her “Murder, Mystery and Makeup” YouTube series, where she takes a deep dive into murder stories past and present, giving listeners quite an experience. 

This, discussing unsolved cases while putting on makeup, became so successful that she eventually debuted her own podcast, as well as her second podcast and video series, Dark History, where she tackles and delves into the scarier history of everyday stuff like marriage and pesticide. 

Melt Cosmetics is a cosmetics brand that embodies freedom of expression through makeup, while empowering its cult who are as unapologetic as the brand. 

“From highly pigmented lipsticks, to innovative eyeshadow stacks, and highlighters, Melt’s razor sharp focus on creating cutting edge products that are missing from the market continues to push the boundaries of what quality cosmetics should be,” the company said in its profile.

Aside from Melt Cosmetics, Sarian has previous collaborations with Ipsy and Netflix’s “Case Closed.”

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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