Fast Food Burger Or Carrots? This Intelligent Bunny Knows How To Choose Between Healthy, ‘Junk’ Eats

This cute and adorable bunny is showing that sometimes, animals think better than humans in such a way that this pet can choose which are healthy foods and which are not. 

In a video recently shared on Facebook by the Bini the Bunny page, you can see how Bini is challenged to choose between which are healthier in a set of foods presented to him. 

“Learn from the rabbits!” the page wrote in the video’s caption. The video has already been viewed 3.3 million times as of press time. 

Bini the Bunny is a Facebook page dedicated to Bini, which it describes as “the only bunny in the world who can paint and play basketball.”

Bini was asked to choose between a banana and a McDonald’s fries (he chose the banana), a fast food burger and carrots (he chose the carrots), and a hotdog sandwich and parsley (he chose the parsley), among other sets of food. 

The person who captured the video challenged the bunny further, as they said bunnies love salty foods, so they tried making him choose between some salty nachos and watermelon. It chose the watermelon. 

Bini also chose raspberries over an ice cream on a cone, blueberries over a Subway sandwich, and lettuce over pizza. 

This is quite interesting because usually, humans would go gaga over what Bini did not choose.

“It’s a [rabbit. It eats vegetables. Try] a dog [and] it will eat the [burger. Try] a human [and] it will eat both,” commented Facebook netizen Iain Nicholas Smith. 

Meanwhile, netizen Momonsi Dutta appeared quite a bit offended, saying rabbits and humans are incomparable, adding that their “sense of taste is different.”

“I wish I were a rabbit (emojis) try me next time,” another Facebook netizen, Met D Pwogrè, stated.

Bini is a Holland Lop rabbit, referred by the media and its Internet fans as “the only rabbit in the world who can paint, play basketball, play the guitar and piano, and comb and style his hair.”

Not only that, but he and his owner are Guinness Book of World Record holders for the most slam dunks by a rabbit in within a minute.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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