‘We’re Willing To Drop Everything’: Around $1,800 Reward Offered To Those Who Could Find A Missing Bichon Frisé

A Bichon Frisé is such a cute and adorable dog breed that some owners are willing to shell out as much money as they can if the breed goes missing. 

Missing Bichon Frisé

Bam and Verah Abiera, a couple and owners of Bichon Frisé, offered around $900 as a reward for those who could find their missing Bichon Frisé, TanTan. 

Their call went viral on social media that it has caught the attention of several netizens, such as the content creator We the Paw Sisters, which even doubled the reward to $1,800.

That amount may be small for some, but it is already considered huge in the Philippines, where the couple is based. 

Bam and Verah said it was the least thing they could do to have TanTan, whom they have fondly called “baby,” back in their arms. 

“That’s what we really want to happen,” Verah told the media. “We’re willing to drop everything, we’re willing to forgive, as long as TanTan returns to us.”


TanTan was left by its owners at a grooming salon and pet hotel for an appointment. Later that afternoon, they received a call that the dog had gone missing. The owners also learned their dog had been missing for around two hours already by the time they were informed. 

Fortunately, TanTan has returned home after some days, but those who found it did not ask to receive the money reward anymore. 

“Just before midnight… the family received a message with TanTan’s photo and agreed to meet,” We the Paw Sisters stated. “No rewards [were] asked, all they asked is anonymity and peace of mind. No questions, no judgment, no police, no whys and no buts.”

Glad you’re home, TanTan.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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