This Billionaire’s Superyacht Has A Versace Bathroom, Secret Magical Grotto, And More

Truly, riding a yacht gives off that luxurious feeling. When you do so, you will feel like you are the richest person in the world. 

But, perhaps, you have never seen this superyacht yet before. It has its own movie theater, Versace bathroom, and even a secret magical grotto. 

Movie theater, Versace bathroom

The superyacht we are referring to is the Leona yacht, the second-biggest build that Bilgin Yachts has ever competed. It is also worth over $60 million! Bilgin Yachts is a luxury superyacht builder. 

Two hundred sixty-two feet long, the yacht has its own movie theater onboard, as well as Versace-lined bathroom walls and marble floors. The bathroom also has gold fittings. The Versace motifs run from the floor to the ceiling. 

Furthermore, each of her cabins is lavishly ornamented with gold furnishings, fur details, and velvet upholstery. 

She can host 12 guests comfortably, and there’s a room for 24 crew members. So, each guest can be attended to round-the-clock. 

This Leona yacht has also been featured at the 2023 Monaco Yacht Show.

Indoor swimming pool  

Will you be surprised if Popculturizm tells you that the yacht also has an opulent indoor swimming pool? So, if you feel like taking a dip and refreshing, you know where to go. 

The walls surrounding this indoor pool are embossed with Greek figures, as well framed with LED lighting.

Every corner and side of the pool also has its own fountain, should the sound of the real ocean outside the yacht is not enough for you. 

The indoor pool is also flanked by four statues, intricately hand carved from marble. At the back of the room where the pool is, a curved couch is found, providing views of the pool and the sea beyond it. 

Do you want to experience this superyacht?

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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