Video Shows Burger King Manager Yelling At Pregnant Customer, Hurrying Her To Finish Ordering

Customer service, such as that in fast-food chains, should nurture the customers and their needs. They should be at their most patient, especially when customers need their help. After all, what’s the point of customer service if they won’t be kind to the customers?

You’ve heard about irate customers shouting, and even cussing, at the customer service staff. But in this video recently shared by Daily Mail TV on Facebook, it’s the other way around. 

It was the staff who was yelling and cussing at the customer, hurrying her to finish ordering before asking her to leave.

Apparently, the customer who captured the video, now viewed around 4.7 million times on Facebook as of press time, was even pregnant, she said. 

“This manager’s patience level is zero! (emoji),” captioned Daily Mail TV. 

“So we have a time limit to get food?” the customer – who managed to stay calm – asked the irate manager.

“Get out of here. Get out of my store!” the staff said, yelling. 

“Who talks like that in a restaurant?” the customer asked. 

“You should’ve ordered faster,” the staff continued. 

The rude manager even threatened to call the corporate office.  

“We have kids! And we wanted to find out what they wanted to eat! And I’m pregnant!” the customer exclaimed.

“So go somewhere else to get your food!” the manager yelled back. 

“Yeah, this is going live everywhere,” the customer warned. 

And it did.

But what’s interesting are the comments from the netizens who saw the video. Many of them put their sympathy for the irate manager. 

“If this video has no context and/or concrete beginning, I’m siding with the manager. I’m no longer falling for that toxic stuff,” commented BRIAN. 

Who do you think was right? The irate manager or the customer? Let us know in the comments section below.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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