Care To Own A Purse Designed Like A Headless Human? 

For those who are ostentatious about fashion, you might want to own this bag. How about a purse designed like a headless human? 

“This head purse is incredibly realistic that it’s hard to believe it’s not a real human head,” said British Internet media company UNILAD that posted the video feature on Facebook.

Its creator, Janina Udiljak, who says on her Instagram account that she is a professional makeup artist and “costume designer with an engineering twist,” scanned her own head to make this unique accessory piece.

She then used a 3D printer to bring this creation to life. The “head” was printed in two parts so its user could open the bag. 

Furthermore, the inside was carved out. Then, hooks and screws were added, and Udiljak painted the head to look as lifelike as possible.

Aside from seeing the head seemingly cut into two as you open the bag with its zipper, the portion that connects the head to the strap is painted with red to make it appear like blood is gushing from the piercing of the strap’s edges into the head, the main part of the bag. 

“I can [foresee] the cops showing up everytime I go out with that purse,” commented Facebook netizen named Rain Haylz. 

Meanwhile, another Facebook netizen, Jane Duff, said she was freaked out.

“It’s incredible that technology can do this, but so freaky at the same time! (emoji) The painting is just Amazing!!!” she commented. 

On her Instagram page, the bag’s creator also showcases her makeup art, such as eyes that appear like spider legs are coming out of them, an Alice in Wonderland-inspired makeup, an Avatar-inspired makeup and body paint, and so much more.

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Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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