Matt Rife Replies To Plastic Surgeon Who Said He Had A Celeb Patient Who Went Under The Knife For His Jawline

Things have not been going well with comedian and content creator Matt Rife lately. First, after the release of his Netflix show around two weeks ago, he received backlash from fans due to his offensive rhetoric “glorifying” domestic violence. 

After some fans criticized Rife for his remarks in his Netflix show, he defended himself to Variety, saying, “Despite what you think about me online, I don’t pander my career to women.”

Now, fans are igniting rumors that he went under the knife for his jawline (notice his almost perfect jawline?) after he replied to a plastic surgeon who said he had a celebrity patient who sought this service to get a better jawline.

Physical attributes, comedy

To be a comedian, one has to find the balance between physical attractiveness and being funny. Rife himself is a testament as he previously complained about how challenging it is to be physically attractive and to be funny at the same time. 

“I’ve been doing stand-up for a little over 12 years now,” Rife said in a previous interview with Men’s Health. “I will say, I don’t think it helps you by any means — people don’t want to laugh at physically attractive people, you don’t want to walk on stage and have people looking at your arms rather than listening to your jokes.”

Sure, he looks good now, but the more detail-oriented fans pointed out that the comedian didn’t always look that way, especially if they would share videos from “Wild ‘N Out,” an improv show on MTV, where he was featured and shown with his jaw looking noticeably less defined. 

Thus, fans have questioned whether their idol went under the knife, but he has always insisted he had a “natural glow up.”

“Puberty hit me so disrespectfully late – I was ugly… for the first 22 years of my life,” Rife, now 28 years old, said during one of his stand-up shows. 

Blind item!

However, there’s this plastic surgeon who dropped a “blind item” and posted on social media about a celebrity, his patient, who went under the knife for his jawline. See, not all those who drop blind items are gossip journalists.

“Me after creating the greatest jawline ever seen just for my patient to get canceled right after…” Dr. Benjamin Caughlin, who is @manyfacesofchicago on TikTok, stated. “He shall not be named… #cancelled #jawlinecheck #comedian #standup #celeb”

Rife’s name was not mentioned, but the comedian commented on the post, saying, “Lying about medical history is illegal, just FYI.”

A fan responded, “He didn’t even mention you,” while another said, “Gasp… whose medical history is he lying about? Spill that tea sis.”

Rife has yet to comment on this. 

What do you think? You be the judge.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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