Age Is Just A Number: This 71-Year-Old Macedonian YouTuber Still Rides His BMX

Mendo Veljanovski, a 71-year-old YouTuber from Macedonia, is getting mixed reactions from netizens as he still rides and enjoys his BMX at that age. 

Usually, many would scoff at the thought of a 71-year-old riding a BMX, as BMX is mostly for youngsters. 

They think that old people like Veljanovski would be better off doing crossword puzzles at home, relaxing while watching TV, or basically attending to their health. 

But, those words of discouragement wouldn’t stop Veljanovski from getting out there, enjoying, and shredding his local skate park on his BMX. 

“I am 71, but nobody is perfect,” said the elderly YouTuber. 

But not all comments about his craft are that bad. Some netizens are finding his activity “cool.”

“That was sick! Cool to see you still having fun on a bike!” commented @wibmerfabio.

For @Brant_Moore, Veljanovski is “inspiring the world.”

“YES man!!!! SOOOO stoked to see this! Fakies are looking great and I can’t wait to see you get the footjam whip. You’re inspiring the world!!!” the netizen commented. 

“That’s insane. I can’t do half this stuff at 40. I started [in my early] 30s. This guy gives me hope that I can still progress,” commented @netrunner2049. 

Veljanovski’s passion is only proof that age is really just a number. Everybody should take this as a sign that you are never too old to enjoy. So many people lead sedentary lives when they get older, but not for this YouTuber, definitely not for him.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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