UAE Could Host The World’s 1st Flying Car Race Soon

When it comes to historic firsts, the United Arab Emirates is a country that you can find on top of the list. Aside from Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world – the country is also where the world’s first airline to operate an A380 demonstration flight using 100 percent Sustainable Aviation Fuel and the world’s first artificial intelligence minister are from. 

And the United Arab Emirates is adding another item on the list of the world’s firsts. Will you believe that the country is being eyed as the host of the world’s first flying car race? Yes, flying cars!

World’s 1st flying car race 

Alongside its hosting of the globe’s biggest self-driving car race this April 2024, the country is also targeting to host the first-ever flying car race in the world. 

Hosting it particularly is Maca Flight, a hydrogen-powered flying car producer. The news was recently broken by the Facebook page Tech Explorers

Maca Flight’s CEO, Christian Pineau, also recently spoke with the media and said that the goal of the company is to organize the first-ever real flying car racing championship with the United Arab Emirates being among the candidate countries to host the event. 

“The first race might be here in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain have also shown interest in the project,” Pineau stated.

The flying car is priced at $2 million, can reach 250 km/h with no carbon dioxide emissions, and can fly five meters above ground level. 

The race might happen in 2025, supported by a collaboration with Red Blue, and attracting eight to 10 participants. 


Maca Flight unveiled its first hydrogen-powered flying racing car during CES 2023, an event that connects the latest technologies with global innovators. 

The first race of the championship is slated to feature a single-seater flying race car.

“I love to experience riding on a flying car someday, the future is here,” commented Facebook netizen Corazon Chua on Tech Explorer’s post. 

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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