The World’s Smartest Countries, Find Out!

It means a lot to be beautiful or handsome, but it is definitely a bigger deal if you are not just pretty, but smart, too. 

A recent report in the media shared about a think tank that listed down the world’s smartest countries. And the winner is…

… Japan!

The think tank that did the study was Ulster Institute for Social Research. The proponents compiled a range of data from different countries from across the globe to calculate their average IQ. 

Japan led the list, with an average IQ of 106.48.

According to a separate story published on Japan Today, it is easy to understand why the East Asian country has been hailed the smartest. 

“It’s fairly understandable why Japan would be considered the smartest country, given that they ranked fifth for educational success and sixth in the world for the average IQ,” Japan Today stated. “We’re also not surprised, given that Japanese grad students recently solved a 2,000-year-old mathematical problem. But what [clinched] victory for Japan was the 26 Nobel Prizes under its belt, the sixth highest in the world.”

Here are the rest of the top 10, alongside the countries’ average IQs: Taiwan (106.47), Singapore (105.89), Hong Kong (105.37), China (104.1), South Korea (102.35), Belarus (101.6). Finland (101.2), Liechtenstein (101.07), and Germany (100.74).

The United States isn’t in the top 10, and Asian countries are clearly dominating the list!

Some of the rest of the countries on the list of the smartest, in descending order, are: the Netherlands, Estonia, Luxembourg, Macao, Cambodia, Canada, Australia, Hungary, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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