Young Swedish Influencer, Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Accused Of Betraying The Movement With Her Pro-Palestine Stand

Most influencers today are all about the fun side when it comes to their content. However, this 20-year-old influencer breaks stereotypes by sharing content that advocate for the betterment of the environment. 

She is Greta Thunberg, a climate activist known worldwide for her protests aimed at urging governments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. 

In 2018, particularly, at the United Nations Climate Change Conference or COP 24, she did a viral speech that accused leaders for being “immature” and helped motivate hundreds of nations to support her fight against climate change. 

Her comrades applauded her then. But this time, people from her side are accusing her of turning her back against the climate movement because of her pro-Palestine stand. 

Last week, Thunberg did another speech at a climate demonstration in the Netherlands where she addressed more than 70,000 people, telling them, “We have to listen to the voices of those who are being oppressed and those who are fighting for freedom and justice. No climate justice on occupied lands.”

She was referring to the Palestinians. Below is a photo she shared on her Instagram account.

A popular German magazine, DER SPIEGEL, said her public support for Palestine could be a detriment to the success of the climate movement. 

Her microphone grabbed

Also, during her speech, a man stormed the stage to grab the mic out of Thunberg’s hands, accusing her of turning the event into something political. 

“I came here for a climate demonstration, not a political view,” the man uttered as he wrestled the mic from the climate activist and influencer. The man was eventually hurried off the stage. 

‘Completely obscene’

Ricarda Lang, the co-leader of the German Green party, called Thunberg’s recent appearance in the western European nation “completely obscene.”

Also, the Germany Weekly said Thunberg’s recent actions “now threaten to divide the climate movement and the left.”

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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