Trending Now On Reddit: Giant Octopus Attacks Diver

There is a trending video going around now on Reddit that shows a giant octopus attacking a diver, and even trying to snatch his underwater camera. 

Massive octopus

In a video crossposted by Redditor u/llyllr on the r/awwwtf subreddit, you can see how a massive octopus attacked a diver using its tentacles to wrap around the man’s neck, arms, and torso. 

The diver managed to free himself, but the octopus went for his camera rig. 

Some netizens who saw the video tried to take it lightly. 

“This is the octopus equivalent [of ‘i said] no… pictures!” commented Redditor the-real-truthtron.

Others seemed to have overthought the whole scenario. 

“Octopus goes right for the air supply – seems to know what he’s doin’,” commented another Redditor. 

“He is also bright red which means he [is] highly pissed!” Redditor 1-800-fat-chicks commented, meanwhile.

Dangerous, fatal

According to the website of the Divers Alert Network, a group of not-for-profit organizations dedicated to promoting diving safety for all divers, an attack from an octopus should not be taken lightly. It isn’t a small deal.

The group said species like the blue-ringed octopus can bite and that bite would usually be painless or no more painful than a sting from a bee. 

However, neurological symptoms can worsen and dominate every stage of envenomation and manifest as paresthesia – tingling and numbness – developing to paralysis and eventually, to death. 

An octopus’ salivary glands also produce dangerous venom, Healthline pointed out. 

We hope that diver is safe about the encounter with the octopus. 

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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