Transform Your Leftovers From Thanksgiving With These Creative Recipes On TikTok

It’s Thanksgiving Day! Happy Thanksgiving! For sure, you and your loved ones will bond over food once again. But, a sumptuous feast also means room for leftovers. 

Thankfully, these TikTokers are sharing creative recipes you can do with your leftovers, from turning a leftover turkey to a delicious pot pie to transforming leftover mashed potatoes into gnocchi. 

The first amazing leftover recipe comes from TikToker @alleeshouse who showed how you can turn your leftover turkey into a comforting turkey pot pie, if you are sick and tired of just having turkey sandwiches.

“Making this for dinner tonight! So excited!” commented another TikToker named Tiffany Anne Stanley. 

Another TikToker named @moribyan said you can also turn leftover mashed potatoes into crispy and cheesy potato balls. Adding cheese and bacon before you fry makes for a super crispy, cheesy, and tasty bite. 


Leftover mashed potatoes?! Make these cheesy crispy potato balls the next day #recipe #thanksgiving #leftovers

♬ original sound – moribyan

Another recipe from leftover Thanksgiving turkey is shared by @shellyshort22 who said you can make a mouth-watering noodle soup recipe from your turkey.

Have some leftover stuffing? Make savory waffles out of them, according to @justataste

“Stuffing is the best part of Thanksgiving! (emojis) Any leftovers at my house are immediately turned into waffles piled high with all the other extras (gravy, turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, etc.). (emoji),” wrote @justataste in the caption of her TikTok post.

And, another recipe from your leftover mashed potatoes is the perfect homemade gnocchi. Thanks to TikToker @suppersforsunday.

Be kitchen-smart this Thanksgiving holiday. Go ahead and try these recipes. Your whole family will surely love them. 

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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