Landon Barker Talks About Possible Music Collab With Girlfriend Charli D’Amelio

Billboard News yesterday on YouTube released an interview with Landon Barker where the musician talked about a possible music collaboration with his girlfriend, Charli D’Amelio, among other things. 

The host, Tetris Kelly, asked Barker, “And talking about mirroring your life, your boo, Charli, is in the music video. So what’s the reaction been, like the song and the music video and you guys being together like that?”

Released last September, the song, “Friends With Your EX,” features D’Amelio.

Watch the music video below.

“It’s honestly been pretty good. I’ve been on, like, TikTok watching it. There’s, like, little clips going around. People were like, ‘What movie is this from?’ So I’m like, ‘… I’m excited about it,’ the 20-year-old musician responded.

Kelly made a follow-up question, asking Barker, “She’s (D’Amelio) doing music too. Do you guys think you’d ever do music together?”

“I don’t know honestly, maybe in the future,” Barker replied before the Billboard News host told him their fans would surely love it. 

Barker also talked about the inspiration behind the song. 

“Let’s talk about your debut single. What was the inspiration about the song? I feel like that title is real, it’s got some drama behind it, ‘Friends With Your EX,” the host asked.

“It’s kind of about falling in love with somebody you’re not supposed to, but still seeing things through and having a good outcome,” Travis Barker’s son responded. 

Aside from those, he also talked about getting advice from his father and finding balance in his life, among many other things.

Watch Barker’s full interview with Billboard below!

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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