Kai Cenat Hits Back At People Accusing Him Of ‘Glorifying Jail’ In His 7-Day Stream

Content creators and influencers will do everything to woo their audiences. You’ve previously heard about MrBeast doing a stunt that had him buried alive for seven days. For Kai Cenat, he would like to use up those seven days to stay in prison. True story.

Among the recent content of Kai Cenat on his YouTube channel were videos that captured his moments inside prison, doing activities like prison wrestling and even dating. The streams have gained millions of viewers. 

However, despite the viewership, not many were amused at what he did, accusing him of “glorifying jail.”

Though he made the content for fun enjoyed by a large audience, some were not very pleased and believed that Kai Cenat is showcasing the environment inside a jail as fun and influencing to his audience pool, which comprise mainly of young men. 

But the influencer is not letting those comments just pass by. He said that if somebody’s child wants to go to jail after watching his stream, then those people are doing “a bad job at parenting.”

The 21-year-old influencer also said how he had mentioned multiple times during his stream that she was not enjoying the experience at all, and that he did not want to be there. 

Others, meanwhile, sided with the content creator, saying that those people who criticized him were just jealous. 

“When you at the top they look for any reason to tear you down,” posted @easyissac on X.

You can watch one of those streams below. If you wish the full recap videos of his seven-day stay in prison, proceed to his YouTube channel here.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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