Content Of YouTuber Like Nastya To Be Part Of A Streaming Platform For Kids

A Parent Media Co. Inc., the owner of Canadian streaming service for kids, Kidoodle.TV, has announced that it is adding the full library of the episodes of popular kids’ show on YouTube “Like Nastya” to the streaming platform throughout the fall of 2023.

That’s a merry Christmas of the phenomenal kid YouTuber!

“The addition of ‘Like Nastya’ to our service is a testament to our commitment to provide the highest quality content for our young viewers,” said A Parent Media Co. Inc.’s chief content officer, Brenda Bisner. “Nastya’s show resonates with children globally because it’s not just about entertainment; it’s about imparting valuable life lessons in a fun and engaging manner. We’re confident that Kidoodle.TV families will warmly welcome Nastya into their homes.”

Kidoodle.TV streams more than 40,000 episodes of free premium kids TV shows, DIY, gameplay, and so much more. All shows aired on the streaming service are pre-approved by real individuals to guarantee that your kids are streaming the shows safely. That means no inappropriate content. 

Like Nastya, whose real name is Anastasia Sergeyevna Radzinskaya, is a Russian-American YouTuber. As of this time of writing, she already has 110 million subscribers on YouTube. 

Her show, “Like Nastya,” invites youngsters into her whimsical universe, as well as that of her parents. Together, they embark on journeys and adventures filled with playtime, learning, singing, and exploration, all while sharing the joys and lessons of life.

You can watch her recent YouTube content below.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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