TikToker Says Her Middle School Principal Is Banning Leggings: Right Or Wrong?

You cannot just wear what you want to wear in school. Because some outfits are more explicit than others, the school dress code debate is continuous.

Throughout the past few decades, young and teenage girls have been reprimanded for wearing clothing that can be “distracting” for their male classmates. 

A TikToker named Ada Shookenhuff shared how the principal in her middle school literally banned leggings because of being “too explicit.” The comments she got from netizens were from two opposite poles. 

“Something I cannot get off my mind recently is how my principal (for a k-8 school) was concerned that girls wearing leggings were too explicit and so he banned them unless you wore a shirt that covered your butt,” the TikToker wrote. “The oldest student at your school was 14 bruh.”

See her TikTok post below.

Is the principal right or wrong? 

“Leggings are like tights, not pants. Our school has the same rule,” wrote a netizen named Paige. 

Meanwhile, another is saying that the rule is going overboard.

“Essentially, the principal is saying the children are unsafe. The problem is likely with adult male staff and ‘boys will be boys’ relaxed discipline…” said a netizen named Mama Squirrel. 

Well, sometimes, leggings are just so skintight others can already see every crevice of a woman’s body, which, unlike skinny jeans, is making leggings somewhat inappropriate as an everyday wear.  

But fashion is continuously evolving, so have leggings, which are now part of everyday wear. 

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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