Madison Beer Reveals She Auditioned For A Role In ‘Superman: Legacy’

In the most recent episode of YouTuber KISS’ “Say It or Shot It” show, Madison Beer is her guest. The influential content creator revealed she auditioned for a role in “Superman: Legacy.”

Directed by James Gunn – who also previously directed “The Suicide Squad” – this movie reportedly releasing this 2025 focuses on Superman’s journey to reconcile his Kryptonian heritage with his human upbringing as Clark Kent from Smallville, Kansas. 

So far, the cast includes David Corenswet as Superman, Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane, Isabela Merced as Hawkgirl, Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern, and Nicholas Hoult as Lex Luthor, among others. 

In that episode of “Say It or Shot It,” the host, Harriet Rose, asked Beer about her auditions that did not come into fruition. She revealed that “Superman: Legacy” was one of them. What a reveal right? 

“That might have been for the new Superman movie,” Beer said. “Sorry if that’s not announced. I didn’t get the part. Unfortunately not.”

As for which role she auditioned for, the crew kept the details of the role under wraps, and the specifics were not disclosed, even to Beer. 

“They don’t give too many specifics, especially for a film that huge,” she said. “They keep the character vague and make up something new. I don’t know who the actual character I was auditioning for was.”

However, rumors are circulating that she might have auditioned for Eve Tesmacher. Tesmacher is Lex Luthor’s mistress and assistant. Recently, it has been revealed that the role was given to Victoria’s Secret model Sara Sampaio

Oh, we could just imagine if Beer would play that role.

Watch the full episode of her guesting on “Say It or Shot It” below.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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