This Connecticut Guy Claims He Received 60 iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB Units From Apple When He Ordered Only 4

You have seen viral memes of product deliveries where the customer gets a different feel of the product from how they saw it online. For Giovanni Petruzziello, an entrepreneur based in Connecticut, it is all about getting 60 iPhones when he ordered just four. Here’s the story.

Ordered 4 iPhones

He claimed he received several iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB units from Apple for free when he ordered only four units. 

Launched only last September, the iPhone 15 Pro Max has features such as ProMotion technology, Haptic Touch, and Dynamic Island, among others.

A unit of the iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB costs around $1,599. But what if you receive several units of this phone without the company charging you? 

According to Petruzziello’s TikTok video uploaded earlier this month, he said he ordered one iPhone 15 Pro Max with 1 TB storage capacity for himself, and three other iPhones of the same model but with 256 GB storage for his staff.

“I ordered four iPhone 15 Pro Max [units] for the business. One being for me, the other three for my media guys,” the 25-year-old entrepreneur said in his TikTok clip.


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He added he even got a call from the business manager of Apple store, asking him if he wanted to pre-order an iPhone 15 so he could be “one of the firsts” using the phone. 

“I did give him my card over the phone to place the order. So I got charged for the phone,” he said.

He got a total of 60 iPhones!

When his orders arrived, he was surprised that, along with the package containing his new handset, there were three larger boxes bigger than what was required for the three other phones he ordered. 

Petruzziello opened one of the boxes, and saw 20 pieces of smaller boxes with the Apple logo printed on them. 

“I have no idea what these are, I have not ordered something this many from Apple,” he said.

The boxes, to his disbelief, had several iPhone 15 Pro Max 1 TB units, similar to what was in the first box. 

The most hilarious part is, he wasn’t charged for them. Only a total of around $3,600 were charged to his credit card, which was for the four units he initially ordered. All the other 59 1 TB units sent to his home were free of charge.

Lindley Agustin

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