This 26-Year-Old Russian Mom Has 22 Kids Mostly Born Via Surrogacy Within The Same Year!

This 26-year-old Russian mom is proud of her 22 kids born within the same year via surrogacy! Can you believe it? And, she even shared that she has this goal of having 105 children! She spent hundreds of dollars for the surrogacy. Here’s the story.

22 kids born within the same year

The mother, Kristina Ozturk, shared on her Instagram @batumi_mama how she cherishes her “huge and amazing family” which she calls her “priceless treasure.”

She posted an Instagram Reel showing her and her 22 children, 21 of whom were born via surrogacy and 20 of them were born within the same year. 

Surrogacy is a family planning arrangement wherein the woman agrees to conceive a child that somebody else will raise. It may be a couple or a single parent. The biological dad may provide the sperm cell, but the surrogate may also be artificially inseminated with a fertilized egg ready in a process known as in vitro fertilization or IVF.

“Victoria, Mustafa, Maryam, Irene, Alice, Hassan, Judy, Harper, Hussein, Teresa, Anna, Isabella, Ismail, Mehmet, Ahmet, Ali, Christina, Alyona, Sarah, Lokman, Alparslan and Olivia—they are our happiness!” Ozturk wrote in the caption. “Each of them gives warmth and love!”

Hundreds of dollars spent on surrogacy

The mom currently lives in Batumi, a city in Georgia. She is reportedly married to a 58-year-old millionaire named Galip. 

According to media reports, the couple paid $195,000 to surrogates between March 2020 to July 2021. They have also spent $96,000 to 16 stay-in nannies in a year.

“My husband and I put in all our efforts to raise our children healthy, happy, honest people, filling their hearts with light and kindness! After all, our children are the future of the world!” Kristina added.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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