MKBHD Has Security Concerns About The New App That Brings Apple’s iMessage To Android

Nothing, a London-based consumer electronics manufacturer, recently launched Nothing Chats, a solution that brings Apple’s iMessage to Android, addressing the difficulties of sending messages between the two phones.

“Nothing Chats is an app developed in partnership with Sunbird, which allows you to message other users via blue bubbles,” Nothing said.

Tech influencer Marques “MKBHD” Brownlee, shared an exclusive first look at the product, but also said he has some security concerns about it.  

Since the launch of Apple’s iMessage, the quality of messages between iOS and Android has stirred quite a considerable number of conversations. 

Google said that Rich Communication Services (RCS) can improve the quality of messages between the two phones, but Apple still continues to use SMS and MMS for text and file transfers with Android. 

MKBHD recently posted a video on X where he shared his thoughts on this new app that provides iMessage support on Android. 

Aside from providing a first look, he also revealed how to connect your accounts to it. 

However, he has some concerns about its security. 

“I cannot stress this enough, this could lead to enormous security issues. Signing in with your Apple ID onto a device that you don’t own is an enormous security issue,” MKBHD said. “I confirmed this with Nothing. When you sign in, it’s signing into some Mac Mini on a server farm somewhere. Now, no one else is supposed to be able to use or see that Mac Mini or your messages on it, but you’re still logging in with your Apple ID on someone else’s computer.”

MKBHD is a YouTuber best known for his technology-focused content.

Watch his first look video below.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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