Remember That Iconic ‘Eyebrow Dance’ Cadbury Ad? The Girl In It, Now Grown Up, Reveals How The Routine Was Fake

Do you remember that iconic ad from British chocolate brand Cadbury that featured a young boy and girl’s eyebrows dancing to the music’s beat? 

The girl in the ad revealed on TikTok how the entire routine was actually fake. Well, of course, seeing the ad, not many people can have their eyebrows “dance.”

The ad, which was released in 2009, was to promote Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate brand. It features two kids, a boy named Léo Bouniol and a girl named Georgia Wake, sitting in front of a gray backdrop at a photographer’s studio. 

As the ad progressed, Bouniol, wearing a sweater over a long sleeve polo and pants, pressed his digital watch to make some music play. When the music started playing, he and Wake, wearing Dairy Milk-purple pinafore, had their eyebrows dancing to the beat. It’s very amusing to watch, making the ad very effective.

In the latter part of the ad, the music played faster, and the way their eyebrows danced also sped up. No wonder the ad became viral.

But just recently, Wake, who is now grown up from her nine-year-old self then, revealed via her TikTok video that the routine was fake, and it was all a “lie.” She also shared how they actually filmed it. 

“You can see up here on my eyebrows I had like four little pads – two on each eyebrows – and then it was fishing wire and lolly pop sticks,” Wake explained, sharing a behind-the-scenes photo. “I had a man behind me pulling them up and down. It took a lot of rehearsing, from what I remember it was about four days of filming.”

Not everybody liked her revelation. Some netizens, who probably were fascinated by the ad then, accused her of “ruining their childhoods.”

Watch her revelation on TikTok below. 


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