Jon Zherka sucker punches HSTikkyTokky – But instantly regrets it

For a man who claimed to be nightclub security for 5 years, Jon Zherka certainly doesn’t fight like it. Over the weekend, Zherka pulled up on British streamer HSTikkytokky who was on his own, eating at a restaurant.

After a quick verbal altercation, Zherka sucker punched HSTikkytokky who quickly replied with a few jabs of his own. Despite Zherka clearly being more prepared and bizarrely wearing MMA gloves, it was HSTikkytokky who got the upper hand.

At one point, Zherka was even downed by punches which led to a grappling exchange. The video (filmed by one of Zherka’s crew) ended with the pair grappling in the middle of the road before they mutually agreed to call it off.

This took place on the streets of Miami and the footage went viral. However, HSTikkytokky may have always had the upper hand. This is because the streamer was a child prodigy in Karate and even has a black belt in the art. Clearly, those lessons paid off after he laid a few quick blows to the embarrassment of Zherka.

It is believed that this took place after the pair had beefed online. If nothing else, this should serve as an example of clout chasing gone wrong. It also shows that despite his newfound wealth and fame, HSTikkytokky is clearly ready to throw his hands if it comes down to it. Unfortunately for Zherka, this probably won’t be his last cringy showing either.



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