Dream Says He Only Left His House 4 Times In Over 2 Years Due To ‘Fear’ Of Being Recognized Before His Face Reveal

Dream, a famous YouTuber known for hiding his face behind a mask, appeared in an interview with fellow YouTuber Jon Youshaei on Tuesday to share that he only left his house four times in over two years before he revealed his face, because of “fear” of being recognized. 

It has been over a year since Dream finally revealed his face. Before this, he was hiding his face behind a smiley mask, which has become his “signature look.” 

In the interview, he opened up about his life before and after the face reveal, including the fact that he only left his house four times in almost three years due to the fear and paranoia that he might get recognized. 

“I can count on one hand the number of times I left the house between the end of 2019 to when I face revealed,” Dream told Youshaei. “I went to the dentist a couple of times, went to the doctor once, went to the ‘Spider-Man’ movie… that’s four, is that it?”

He also added how he would have groceries brought to him so he wouldn’t need to leave his house, and how he turned “very, very pale” because he stayed indoors most of the time. 

Dream also shared how people would fly drones over his house just to catch a glimpse of what he looks like. 

“I had a lot of fear,” he said about that time.

But now that he has revealed his face, the fear should already have dissipated. 

Watch the interview below.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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