Bun B Wants To Help Druski Recover His Chain, But Warns Not To Mess With Birdman

Bun B is offering to help Druski recover his chain stolen by Birdman from him. 

“Tried to told ya @druski but you can hit me up to get ya chain back bruh,” rapper Bun B wrote on his Instagram Stories.

However, the rapper warned the comedian not to mess with Birdman. 

Saturday’s altercation

Druski got involved in an altercation inside a studio last weekend, and tabloid news website TMZ released the CCTV footage showing Birdman, along with two others, pulling up on the comedian and reportedly engaging in a “minor scuffle.”

In the footage, you can see Druski and his crew running away as the confrontation has already turned physical. TMZ released the video a day after Birdman proudly displayed the comedian’s Coulda Been Records chain he snatched during the melee.  

Bun B reportedly saw the footage yesterday before he offered help to Druski. 

Prior tension between Druski, Birdman

Druski said that the footage released by TMZ did not know everything that happened. 

“Ofcourse TMZ wouldn’t show all the camera angles… I HANDLED MINES [100 emoji] #WasRunningToTheTrunk #DatGetbackAMuhfucka,” he wrote on Instagram.

However, many suspected that the whole thing was just for fun.

Druski owns Coulda Been Records, a record label that parodies Cash Money Records, which Birdman owns. This created an ongoing tension between the two. 

The comedian addressed this tension last October, but remained tight-lipped with regard to their brewing beef. 

“Hey man, y’all just gotta keep watching,” Druski told the media. “You see I gotta peek behind my back. We here, man. When your idols turn to rivals, that’s what they say. I ain’t saying too much. That’s all I’ma say.”

Watch the CCTV footage below.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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