Get To Know Some TikTok-Viral Products On Big Sale This Black Friday

The Black Friday sale is upon us once more. This November 24th, several stores will offer highly promoted sales at discounted prices, and you don’t want to miss it. 

Black Friday is the colloquial term for the Friday that follows Thanksgiving Day in the United States. The sale traditionally marks the start of the Christmas shopping season in the country. 

And, social media platform TikTok won’t let itself be left behind for this occasion. Here are some of the TikTok-famous products on big sale this Black Friday. 

1. Aukyo Astronaut Star Projector

First is the TikTok-famous Aukyo Astronaut Star Projector. It is now at 15 percent off on Amazon ahead of Black Friday.

This projector, aside from being shaped like a miniature astronaut, features 17 different modes to choose from, including eight unique nebula effects, a remote control, and timers. Kids will love this.


Astronot Galaxy Projector at Night!

♬ original sound – More1980sGamer

2. Drew Barrymore’s TikTok-famous slow cooker

If you love cooking, you know that the award-winning actress Drew Barrymore has also now ventured into retail after launching her home goods line at Walmart, named Beautiful. 

One of her brand’s products, the six-quart slow cooker, is making rounds on TikTok recently. Did you know that this is now down to just $50 at Walmart ahead of Black Friday? What are you waiting for? Shop this right now!

3. PETLIBRO’s INFINITY Cat Tree and more 

Are you a pet lover who spends much of your time on TikTok? You might perhaps have witnessed the success of the hashtag #PETLIBRO, which now has more than 117 million views. 

One of the products of this brand, the INFINITY Cat Tree, which is also TikTok-viral, is offered with a limited-time discount this Black Friday. 

The INFINITY Cat Tree has a modular design that suits every space and every cat personality.  


This is the only cat tree I have found so far with a modular design that allows endless customization of styles! Use code WAFFLES to get 20% off at PETLIBRO #fyp #INFINITYCATTREE #PETLIBRO @Petlibro #catsoftiktok #cats #kitty #cattree #spicycat #grumpycat #orangecat #pets #funnyanimals #waffles #cute

♬ original sound – Waffles and Maple

So those are just some of the TikTok-famous products on sale this Black Friday. What are you waiting for? Shop now!

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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