With A Flashlight In His Mouth, This Dog In China Waits For His Owner Until She Gets Home Safely Every Night

Oh, how you wish you had this adorable dog.

Mao Mao, a beautiful Labrador Retriever in China’s Yichang city, really makes sure his owner gets home safely every night. 

In a post shared by Hope For Paws on Facebook, they showed how Mao Mao holds a flashlight in his mouth every night to wait for his owner to reach her home. 

His owner, an unidentified woman, gets off the bus on her way home from work each night, but she has to walk a stretch of road toward her home without lighting, which means it is really dark. 

Because the owner has been doing this everyday, her dog has developed the habit that when he sees her get off the bus, he would pick up the flashlight with his mouth, and meet his owner in the dark to guide her home. 

Cute and loving, right? 

As of press time, the Facebook post of Hope For Paws has already garnered a whopping more than 150,000 reactions. 

Of course, the netizens are liking what they are seeing. 

“You are so precious!” commented Angelita Soriano.

Meanwhile, EthelJoy Hernandez Delos Santos said, “[Long live, Mao Mao! Such a cutie dog,] protective and smart, too.”

For netizen Larry Gonzales, it is all about “unconditional love.” 

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Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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