KSI called out by UK Gangster Rapper Jordan McCann – “I’ll give it to him, I’ll go to his house”

Recently, English rap artist Jordan McCann called out KSI for using the ‘P’ word. During an emotional podcast speech, Jordan said: “I didn’t like how my man said the ‘P word‘ and disrespected the Asians. I’ve got a lot of people who have died over that word. I’ve got a massive Asian community in my city. God help him (KSI) if he even comes to Salford. All them other guys sat with him laughing as well, you can’t play racism, bro.”

Curiously, the incident that Jordan was speaking about happened over 6 months ago. During a controversial Sidemen video, KSI used the slur to describe those of Pakistani descent. Clearly, his compatriot Jordan was less than impressed. Initially, KSI apologized and swiftly moved on. However, it looks as though this rapper has not forgotten or forgiven KSI.

After continuing his speech he said “I’ll give it to him, I’ll go to his house. I’ll end up poking someone on the press conference,” which was said in reference to potentially fighting KSI in a boxing match. He closed his statement by also sharing his support for The Fury family as Tommy Fury recently beat KSI in a boxing bout.

Jordan McCann is a British rapper from Salford, England. He gained notoriety for his mixtape ‘Crooks and Queens,’ and he often uses social media to promote his music and upcoming appearances. He is known for his gritty, gangster rap style and his unapologetic lyrics that often touch on themes of poverty, crime, and street life. Before rapping professionally, Jordan spent decades in various UK prisons for a variety of serious crimes.



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