Want To Find Your Soulmate? Consider Visiting A McDonald’s Drive-Thru – Like What This Twitch Streamer Did

The truth in the concept of soulmates may be debatable until now. Your soulmate is your fellow traveler on the journey of life. It is believed that you need to find yours so you can uncover your limitless potential. 

Others say your soulmate shares unnerving similarities and compatibility with you, which is why this concept is often used as the basis of a successful relationship. 

According to her recent videos on the platform, popular Twitch streamer ExtraEmily believes she found her soulmate. Guess what, at a McDonald’s drive-thru. 

Twitch star ExtraEmily posted a video of her at a McDonald’s drive-through, where she believes met her “soulmate.”

ExtraEmily, whose real name is Emily Xuechun Zhang, is a Chinese-American Twitch streamer boasting over 274,000 followers on the platform. 


In her recent Twitch video, it showed how she immediately vibed with the drive-thru staff at McDonald’s. As she pulled in and made her order, the 25-year-old was surprised by the man’s friendliness and effervescence, matching her own. 

She ordered a four-piece Chicken McNugget Happy Meal, which the man enthusiastically responded to, saying, “Sure!”

After receiving her order, the man was heard giggling in the background. He tells ExtraEmily, “Have a good one,” before she accidentally responded affectionately, saying, “[You too.]”

Finally seeing her ‘soulmate

She didn’t get to see the man until she moved to the next window. In her second video, she looked visibly enthused by the man, who told her, “Hello.”

In the video, the man looked like he’s from the Middle East, but we couldn’t discern as the video did not specify either.

After he gave the order to her, ExtraEmily thanked him, to which he responded, “My pleasure.”

The Twitch streamer was then seen looking at the camera, saying “Oh my God.” She told the McDonald’s staff, “I am pleasured.”

“Nice,” the man responded, and the streamer drove away clearly stunned by their matching energies. 

Vibing with fast-food staff is quite common among customers nowadays. They even share it on social media. But what happened with ExtraEmily is bizarrely wondrous. 

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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