Matt Rife’s Worst Stand-Up Comedy Gig Happened At A Sports Bar During The 2012 NBA Playoffs

You are a comedian at a sports bar, and you find yourself cracking jokes that people don’t like. They just watch the TVs at the bar and continue to eat their food. Well, Matt Rife experienced all these. 

In a recent interview with the media, the 28-year-old comedian, actor, and content creator shared about his worst stand-up comedy gig. 

“It was game seven of the 2012 NBA Playoffs. It was when LeBron [James] was in Miami,” Matt said. “I was performing at a sports bar outside of Atlanta, Georgia, and it was packed – filled with everybody watching the game.”

Hearing his story, you will realize that not every point in a comedian’s life will be funny. Sometimes, people just won’t pick up your jokes. 

Because of what was happening, the actor said that instead of performing a 20-minute set, he just ran through that entire material in four minutes. 

Rife continued that since the sports bar left the TVs on, everybody was just watching the game. He added how he was in the middle of a joke, and people were just diving into their nachos. 

“It was the worst time of my entire life. I’ve never felt more invisible,” he said.

Rife also said that crafting jokes does not happen in a snap.

“You have to show all these new jokes, which you know is usually just notes you wrote down [when] you’re way too high,” he said. “You’re like, ‘This is the funniest [thing] ever.’ Then, you read it over the next day, and you’re like, ‘I’m gonna go to jail, for sure.’”

His comedy special, “Matt Rife: Natural Selection” is premiering on Netflix this November 15th. He is in no holds barred here.  He is bound to share things, from his problem with protection crystals to his beef with social media trolls.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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